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Future Planning

  • Investments

    With many people paying more tax than they need to, the investment landscape can soon become a minefield if navigated alone. But Asset Independent Financial Advisors is here to help.
  • Pensions

    As the life expectancy grows and people choose to retire early, retirement can now last more than 20 years. But people are under-prepared for it.
  • Work Pensions: Auto Enrolment

    If you're an employer with staff working for you in the UK, then automatic enrolment effects you. We understand how auto enrolment is going to impact on your business and we are ready to help.
  • Tax Mitigation

    There are many elements to wealth management advice and having a tax efficient plan is a key part of any financial strategy.
  • Equity Release

    With house prices rising and retirement income diminishing, it can be tempting for those who wish to increase their income later in their life. It is vital to take independent financial advice before signing up to a scheme, to make sure you consider all the possibilities and implications.
  • Long-Term Care Planning

    A long-term care plan is needed should a person become ill or suffer a disability that renders them unable to carry out their normal daily activities.
  • Life Assurance

    Advice on life assurance - a vast subject - is one of our most popular services. Since 1997, we have built extensive knowledge in all aspects of life assurance.
  • Critical Illness Cover

    Although no-one likes to think about long-terms illness it is something that could affect you life or that of the ones you love. Don’t leave their future to chance.
  • Estate and Inheritance Planning

    Ensuring your affairs are in order is the best way to provide for your loved ones in the event of your death. Asset can help you prepare and plan in order to maximise its value to the beneficiaries.